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      Job Openings

      Job Openings

      Come join our team! At Kindred Post, we foster connection between art and community in order to cultivate a sense of belonging in our neighborhood and beyond. We’re a creative, quirky workplace rooted in art, community, and social justice. And we care very much about the people who work with us! Our team is fun, friendly, and hard-working - with each person making their unique mark on this big, beautiful world. Retail experience is not necessary; we are happy to train the right people! We can't wait to meet you!



      Retail Specialist (FT or PT)

      This full-time or part-time, year-round Retail Specialist position assists in the general operations of Kindred Post. This position carries out basic duties in retail transactions, product management, sales, and event staffing. Retail Specialists assist with curating and ordering, as well as styling photos for media use as well. Candidate must possess ability to provide excellent customer service, pay attention to detail, work effectively and efficiently in a busy atmosphere, and have fun! Pay starts at $15/hr. Full position description here: Retail Specialist  


      Visual Merchandising Lead (FT or PT)

      The Visual Merchandising Lead is a permanent position that assists in the general operations of Kindred Post, and plays an integral and creative role in the company's visual merchandising. This person works in collaboration with KP's leadership team to plan, design, and implement creative and strategic displays across the store (shop displays, window displays, signage, etc). The ideal candidate will have experience making displays, a reputation for meeting deadlines, a strong eye for aesthetics, and the ability to apply sales numbers and trends to their designs. This position also carries out basic duties in retail transactions, product management, and sales. Pay starts at $16/hour. Full position description here: Visual Merchandising Lead.


      TO APPLY:

      Please send ONE HAIKU, a RESUME, and a LETTER that tells us about yourself and why you'd be a good fit for Kindred Post. Send applications and questions to us at hello@kindredpost.com.

      Positions remain open until we find the right fit! We will update this post when positions have been filled. 

      2022 Statewide Postcard Contest Winners!

      2022 Statewide Postcard Contest Winners!

      Kindred Post is so happy to be a part of this year’s statewide postcard competition! Each year we relish in the beauty, creativity, and amazing community we have here in Alaska. It is always a joy to promote artists in such a personal way that shares their many perspectives. 

      Here is our announcement about the artists and why the postcard contest was born.


      July 15 

      Today Kindred Post announced the ten winners of their statewide postcard art contest, all Alaskan artists. Each winning artist will receive $100 and their work will be printed on 1000 postcards to be featured at Kindred Post. 

      The contest winners were chosen from nearly 300 submissions from across the state — representing the largest pool of submissions since the biennial contest began in 2017. Selections are made by a panel of judges composed by community members. This year's judges included Lily Ayau, Angela Cox, Tripp Crouse, Brita Fagerstrom, Jill Kaasteen, Maka Monture, and Mercedes Muñoz.

      The art depicted in the submissions represented a diversity of mediums as well as identities. "What I love about this contest is it shows us the many ways Alaskans experience Alaska through their work," says Kindred Post owner Christy NaMee Eriksen. "Not only do we receive different types of art, but we receive different types of worldviews. Why people take photos of what they do, paint what they do, examine what they do - it's all influenced by their experience as women, as queer, as indigenous, as Asian Americam, etc. Of course they all have this in common: they love Alaska."

      Tens of thousands of postcards are sent from Kindred Post, a post office and gift shop, each year. "I love that we get to help showcase a more inclusive picture of this place as people are visiting and writing home," Eriksen says. 

      2022 Statewide Postcard Art Contest winners:

      "Fungi Family" by Cammie May, who has lived on Prince of Wales Island for the majority of her life and is primarily inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding her in Southeast Alaska

      "Pumphouse" by Crystal Jackson, an Iñupiaq painter, illustrator, and graphic designer from Anchorage and a recent transplant to Juneau

      "Pride" by Chloey Cavanaugh, an LGBTQ+ indigenous artist and a child of the Was’ineidi Tax’Hit, Eagle Wolf clan in Kake

      "Night Lights" by Christine Carpenter, an artist and designer who lives in Juneau and creates art primarily for herself as emotional therapy, but hopes you love it, too

      "Girl Group" by Madelyn Boman, a 17 year old artist from Juneau

      "Southeast Mushrooms" by Rebecca Hsieh, an Asian-American artist, aerialist, and educator

      "Vibing Seal" by Emily Pastore, a self-taught artist living in Juneau who is constantly inspired by the nature and beauty of Southeast Alaska and is honored to be a visitor on Lingit Aani land

      "Soft Lights No. 1" by Veronica Bunnies, who combines slow stitching and fun fabrics to create quilted art for modern tastes

      "Chilkat Protector Masks" by Lily Wooshkindein Da.áat Hope, a Tlingit ceremonial regalia maker, prolific weaving teacher, entrepreneur, tradition bearer and enthuser for other creatives to thrive as artists, too

      "Power to the People" by Jessica Thornton, a multimedia artist and community organizer living on Ahtna and Dena’ina lands in Palmer


      Postcards are available for sale individually and as a set. The collection is available at their storefront at 145 South Franklin in Juneau and online at www.kindredpost.com

      Call for Artists: Statewide Postcard Art Contest and 2022 First Friday Featured Artist Application

      Call for Artists: Statewide Postcard Art Contest and 2022 First Friday Featured Artist Application

      We are thrilled to announce two exciting opportunities for Alaska-based artists! 

      2022 Statewide Postcard Art Contest

      We welcome thousands of visitors into our shop each year and we want to highlight Alaskan art and artists! Postcards are mailable art and through our contest, we've seen them reach far and wide. This will be our third statewide postcard art contest. (You can read about our first contest and its winners in this KTOO article!)

      We are looking for ANY type of artwork that can be printed on postcards. A drawing or a painting you've done, a photograph of a fat bear, a photograph of a 3-dimensional work of art you've done, a photoshopped image of you in a prom dress and xtra tuffs, running with wolves under the northern lights, you do you! Go wild.

      The work doesn't have to say Alaska to everybody, but it should say Alaska to you.

      Contest winners receive $100 and their work (including name, short bio, and website) will be printed on 1000 postcards to be featured at Kindred Post. (We also give the option to buy postcards at wholesale price for artists' own personal or commercial use!).

      Deadline to apply: April 25, 2022

      Submit Your Work to the Statewide Postcard Art Contest


      2022 First Friday Featured Artist

      We think it's time! With joyful optimism, a love of gathering, and gratitude to public health measures, we invite you to apply to be a 2022 First Friday featured artist at Kindred Post! We are gearing up to bring back in-person events at the store, and we want to host you!

      We are especially interested in creative, interactive projects for the public to engage in - anything that invites our neighbors to participate / make / take / play together, etc. Things like this that we've loved in the past are photo booths, BYOC candle pours, flower bars, and DIY block printing, to name a few. We can't wait to hear what YOU might have in mind. To honor the additional labor and imagination involved in such projects, we are offering small stipends ($75 check OR a $100 gift certificate) to support this work. (Pop-up shop artists are eligible and encouraged to apply for a First Friday, but are ineligible for the stipend unless there is an added interactive element to the event).

      Please note that filling out this application starts a conversation with us, but unfortunately doesn't guarantee you a First Friday spot.

      Deadline to apply: April 25, 2022

      Apply To Be A First Friday Featured Artist


      Holiday Gift Guide: Kp Staff Picks!

      Holiday Gift Guide: Kp Staff Picks!

      Who would we be if we didn't wrap up this year's Holiday Gift Guides with KP Staff Picks? Hero, Kendra, and Sofia shared some of their favorite items in the shop right now. Take a peek at what they chose!⁠

       Hero's Picks:

      My staff pick is Noshinku Hand sanitizer and Snuggle Bunnies gift cards! Noshinku hand sanitizer is easy to carry, sleek, reusable and comes in different scents that make it easy to use on the go! The Snuggle bunnies are mostly just because it's one of the surefire ways to hug someone from a distance and spread the cuteness.



      Sofia's Picks:

      Show a classy fancy lady in your life that you know what she's about and that you love that for her. These are some dainty high end pieces that are sophisticated enough for an event but simple enough for every day. Personally I think any gal would be pretty jazzed to unwrap one of these-- it will make her feel so special.



      I'm pretty sure I speak for all planner people when I say we can be a little picky with our layouts. I feel like Appointed really thought about it all when they designed their planners-- tons of space for your brain to sprawl out and jot down every little thing you need to do. They even tend to do a breakdown in the form of a bird's eye view and a worm's eye view-- an overview of the entire month to start, and then a magnification of each week/day/whathaveyou. All that function while managing to be perfectly sleek at the same time. Give someone the gift of a great 2022! 


      The cutest place to keep your jewelry! Or incense cone, or special rock-- up to the receiver of this adorable delicate gift.



      Kendra's Picks:

      This is my staff pick because no matter how much I look at it, I cannot get over the craftsmanship it takes to make each of these pieces. Each piece is hand pulled off of a linoleum cutting and I love when you can see slight differentiations between each pull. It makes it feel a little more handmade and human.



      Elm Earrings

      This is another work of art where you can see the craftsmanship put into each piece. No piece is the same as the next and each piece melds to your own self as you wear the piece more and more because the metal reacts with the chemicals on your skin. As a scientist, it is always fascinating to see art and science mix together!
      As always, thank you for reading and thank you for being our neighbors!


      xo team kp

      Leslie Ishii's Gift Guide for Woke Folks

      Leslie Ishii's Gift Guide for Woke Folks

      Welcome to the Gift Guide for Woke Folks curated by Perseverance Theatre's Artistic Director Leslie Ishii! ⁠

      Leslie has a long resume of creative and service work that fills us with awe and admiration, but who is better to tell you all about it than the wonder woman herself?⁠ 

      KP: What do you do by day and what do you do by night?

      LI: By day, I am the Artistic Director - humbly so and proudly so - of Perseverance Theatre and so I do a lot around producing theatre, here locally and for the state of Alaska (that's our mission, professional theatre by and for Alaskans. I'm also an activist, a community organizer, and while that's part of producing theater by and for Alaskans I also work a lot with other kindred spirits in the American theatre field to make sure that we're inclusive, that theatre making is just and equitable, that's informed by my activism with the Japanese community throughout the US, and that we're able to advocate for others in the US who have been detained (e.g. newer immigrants and refugees who have not been treated well), or for any injustice. We're a social justice organization that is suited for solidarity. 

      So just for my own healing and the legacy of my own family, it's important that I'm an activist and a community organizer so that all our colleagues and all of our communities are safe and can thrive and that they're just.

      By night.. Well I have to say, I'm a workaholic so I do some of this work on night, because I juggle a lot of memberships on Boards and being of service. And I give credit to my parents because they taught us to be of service to our community. 


      KP: Describe a recent a-ha moment or precious moment.

      LI: At Public Market recently, we thought we were doing a really good job at getting the world out that we've re-opned. But we were so surprised at how many folks were like, "You're open, omg!" So it was lovely to connect with the community and they were excited that we're open and that we'll have the next show - The Brother's Paranormal.  

      And I'll share this with you - I might be leaking - but I'm being called to service to act in that piece. So I'll play the mother and I'm very nervous, hahaha. But the staff is like, you've got to do it! I'm excited and nervous to get back on the stage. But how wonderful to get to support our Asian and Pacific Islander communities in this story telling. Really excited about this show. And wonderful to be at Public Market so people could know that we are up and running. 


      KP: What are you looking forward to in 2022?

      LI: So many things. Well this is why I love this book "Holding Change," because I feel like we're making such great strides in shifting / making a new chapter at Perseverance Theatre. But also a lot of work that myself and a lot of colleagues in the field have been doing now for quite some time. We're starting to see change occur in our field, in the American theatre field. So I'm really excited about that. And, I'm just excited to have people back in the theatre. With Voyager One it was so beautiful to see people back, excited, enjoying having a night out. We did all our covid mitigation plans, so it was just lovely to have their trust and see them enjoy it so much. So I am looking forward to how we can keep gathering together as a community in the theatre.


      "We were almost strangers." I love that. I can't wait to hang this because I feel like I'm a connector and I love to meet people, make relationships, see how we can be of service, or see how I can be of service. So I love the idea of "almost strangers" - that we're connected. 

      "You're a good idea." I love conveying that to the staff at Perseverance Theatre. They have great ideas, and just as humans they're beautiful humans and I want to empower them to have their own agency. That feels right on. So I can't wait to hang that in my office. 


      I think this is going to be a beautiful gift for my brother. Omg I opened it and "what will i let go of? I'm grateful for… I'll focus on…" For us folks like my brother who's a super Social Justice Warrior I feel like this is going to be really nurturing for him. He gives so much to everyone else. And advocating as a family and the Japanese American community, we work in such a committed, loving way to be of service so that everyone can survive. So to have that focus on yourself first, every day, every morning, to me, is just the right tone. 

      Our dear Erin Tripp came into rehearsal with this new book and I was like, Whattttt! And she leafed through it and there are people in here we know! From Seattle or throughout the Northwest. Princess Daazhraii Johnson, Aaron Yazzie, Janet Mock…  it was like a who's who, it's beautiful! 
      So I thought at some point I've got to get this book. So this is my Christmas gift to myself.



      This is a really beautiful book. I was thumbing through it thinking, I need to keep learning for my own self- education. I think I'd like to put this in the office for our staff to refer to. We have so many colleagues in our field that are being able to identify now as non-biary, non-confirming, and I'm a cis gender heterosexual woman, a woman of color, but I hold privilege in this area of my identity. So I thought I need to keep learning and I want to make sure our staff is making a good, safe, brave space and this is a good reference for all of us to keep our self-education going. 



      I love emergent strategy. adrienne maree brown, what a hero, or shero, I should say. I can't wait to look at this; I've been hearing about this book so that's another one that I'll probably read. Our staff loves emergent strategy so we actually use that iterative / evolving process so this is another good one to add to our library and have available.



      Recipes for Self Love
      Omg, how beautiful! The drawings and some of the sayings in here: "you dont need permission to be yourself," "skin is a feminist issue," "check in with yoruself." So many beautiful reminders, lessons, and so beautifully illustrated, too. This is another one that I think we can have in the office as we're dismantling patriarchy in the theatre world.



      Candles & Juneau Hand-Painted Dreidel
      One of my colleagues just moved here and identifies as Jewish and so I have these 45 candles for her menorah. I'm really excited to be able to offer this gift to her; it's my way of contributing to the holiday, it's a non-western holiday, and supporting her and celebrating her.  And this dreidel, I love this dreidel! It's of Southeast, and it has a whale, and I love the stand which looks like water. So I'm excited to offer that too as part of her Hanukkah gift.



      This is for stocking stuffers for my family; I get to visit them. These chocolates -potato cip crisp, what! OMG! And you gotta have the superfoods. I love it. A little sweetness in our life never hurt.