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      Post offices, at their core, connect us to each other. In 2014, artist/activist Christy NaMee Eriksen founded Kindred Post in an attempt to use this practice of connection as a tool for social justice. As a post office we explore and cherish our interdependence. We value being in healthy relationship with ourselves, with each other, and with the world. We strive to cultivate a sense of belonging in our neighborhood and beyond. 

      We are a BIPOC-, woman-, and locally-owned small business. When you shop at Kindred Post you support our team, our artists, our families, and our communities. 

      Joy and imagination guide us. We put art at the center of our work because we believe in the power of artists to tell our stories, bring people together, and lead positive social change. We think of ourselves as not just a local business but as a good neighbor, and we are committed to using our strengths and skills in service to social justice. We envision a shared liberation. 

      We have four main areas of work:

      As a POST OFFICE we are committed to connecting people and taking care of our neighbors, operating as a "third place" for engagement. Neither work nor home, our space serves a role for social connection.

      As a GIFT SHOP we support over 200 diverse artists by purchasing their work, sharing their story with our customers, and mentoring emerging artists in wholesale/business practices. 

      As a GATHERING SPACE we strive to bring people together via a variety of art and social programming. We build community through creating, listening, learning, and sharing together. We frequently partner with neighboring businesses, art, media, and nonprofit organizations. 

      As a NEIGHBOR we take care of each other. We like to think of Kindred Post as a good neighbor in our community - a living breathing entity that is affected by and responds to the world around it. Towards this, we leverage our identity to advocate for social good and adapt to our community needs. We strive to elevate the role of artists as leaders in civic conversations.

      We operate as humble guests on Lingít Aaní, otherwise known as Juneau, Alaska. Gunalchéesh especially to the L'eeneidí and Wooshkeetan clans of the Áak'w Khwáan, the traditional and rightful owners of this land, for allowing us to walk alongside you. 
      2016 Juneau Empire Readers' Choice Awards: 1st place Best Business 
      2018 Juneau Empire Readers' Choice Awards: 2nd place Unique Store and 2nd place Gift Shop
      2018 Wend's Alma Mater Platform Accelerator Grant
      2020 Glacier Valley Rotary Vocational Service Award  
      2020 Alaska's Small Business Person of the Year
      2022 Juneau Reader's Choice Awards: Runner Up Gift Shop
      2023 Juneau Reader's Choice Awards: Runner Up Gift Shop