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      Your 2019 Social Justice Hustle Purchases Donated to Alaska Institute for Justice

      Your 2019 Social Justice Hustle Purchases Donated to Alaska Institute for Justice

      Pictured: Ivette Lugo of AIJ and Kristie Russette of Kindred Post

      We're committed to annually donating 10% of profits from our Social Justice Hustle collection to a social justice cause we believe in. We were honored today to write a $590 check to Alaska Institute for Justice, a direct result of your support in 2019. Gunalchéesh, thank you! 

      We invite you to read our donation letter:


      Dear Ms. Robinson, 

      It is my pleasure today to donate $590 to Alaska Institute for Justice (AIJ), representing 10% of sale profits from our store's Social Justice Hustle collection over the last year. We designed this collection to inspire and recognize the hard work it takes to make social change. We're committed to continuously donating 10% of profits to excellent examples of social justice in action, and your organization's work is just that. 

      At Kindred Post, we subscribe to the notion of interdependence; we belong to each other, and our oppressions and our liberations are bound to one another. We know that although our individual experiences may be varied; it is our collective experience that shines a light on our communal well being. Social justice will require careful attention and action to the communities most often marginalized, silenced, or ignored. 

      We admire AIJ's fight for the human rights of all Alaskans. From environmental justice to legal services, your team cherishes and protects the homes of indigenous, immigrant, and all those in between. Your collaborative research on displacement affects climate change policy. You help those fleeing violence find legal protection. You bring and keep families together. Your work reminds us that we each have a right to be safe, healthy, and home. All of our communities are better for it. 

      As a small business that promotes arts, community, and social justice, we are inspired by and deeply impacted by your everyday acts of social justice. We would be honored if you would receive this small gift, intended to shine a light on your efforts and lift them up. 

      Gunalchéesh to the Tlingit, especially the Áak'w Khwáan, for the privilege of allowing us to be conscientious guests on their land, and to the patrons of our store who make this possible. 


      Christy NaMee Eriksen, owner

      Kindred Post