Your Social Justice Hustle purchases donated to Juneau Housing First

At the end of 2016, we committed to donating 10% of profits from our Social Justice Hustle collection to a social justice cause we believe in. Your support has allowed us to collect over $500 and today we are proud to donate it to Juneau Housing First! Thank you!! 

Here is the letter that accompanied our donation: 


Dear Ms. Davis, 

It is my pleasure today to write this check for $517.44 in donation to the Juneau Housing First project, representing 10% of sale profits from our store's Social Justice Hustle collection over the last year. We designed this collection to inspire and recognize the hard work it takes to make social change. We're committed to continuously donating 10% of profits to a social justice cause we care about, and the Juneau Housing First project is a prime example of social justice in action. This is our first donation of the program. 

We're proud to be a part of the Juneau community, including the downtown business community that lives alongside a diversity of neighbors. Many of our neighbors are in vulnerable and unsafe conditions - many experiencing homelessness, mental illness, and substance abuse. We offer this donation in respect to the historical ways systems have failed some of our neighbors as well as in commitment towards a vision for community-based solutions. The Juneau Housing First project, offering safe and secure housing for some of our city's most vulnerable adults, is a valuable initiative. We see it as a compassionate, research-driven opportunity for Juneau to make a meaningful difference not just in individuals' lives, but in our community's approach to homelessness as a whole. 

At Kindred Post, we subscribe to the notion of a collective well-being. We belong to each other; our liberation is bound to one another. As we lend support to some communities, we strengthen the whole. 

We know our donation is small, but for a small business it represents something valuable. We hope it might also inspire other Juneau businesses, organizations, or individuals to give what they can to this project as well. 

We are grateful to the Áak'w Khwáan, L'eeneidí and the Wooshkeetaan clans for the privilege of living and working on this land, and especially grateful to the patrons of our store that make this possible. 

Thank you and gunalchéesh, 

Christy NaMee Eriksen, owner
Kindred Post

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