Gift Guide for Cutting Edge Mamas by Eva

Meet Eva Carrillo: Scissor superstar, social dragonfly, and a devoted, loving, radical mother. We asked Eva to shop around for what a cutting edge mama like herself might enjoy this season. Everything she grabbed was something she could share with her kids. They're always with her, she said, so she always has them in mind. See what she picked below!

Eva Carrillo

Meet Eva Carrillo!

Q: What do you do by day, what do you by night?
A: By day I'm a barber and after 4 o'clock I'm a full time mom slash basketball player. :D

Q: What's a recent mom moment you had? Maybe a precious one or a lesson you learned?
Oooh I've had a lot lately. This morning I had an argument with my three year old about the liquid leaking out of his pull up. He was trying to convince me that it was water because he had drank water the night before. But it was. not. water.

Q: What's one of your guilty pleasures?
A: Chocolate. But I always end up sharing. I don't hide any of it, I'm not an "I'm-in-the-closet-eating-a-snickers-bar" mom; my kids are always eating sweets with me because I'm eating sweets. I'll always share as much as I can with them. I try to teach them to share, too.

Kris Nations Pineapple Studs

"If I got these, they would be my fourth pair [from this artist]. I share them with my daughter, Nixie. We both love them. They're hip. They make us both cool."

Pineapple studs by Kris Nations, $35

One Line a Day Journal

I run around so busy all the time so if someone got this for me I'd think it was a really thoughtful gift because I could just write one line a day and be done! I could do it with my kids and I could do five years of memories. Plus it just looks cool; you can't go wrong with turquoise and gold!

One Line a Day journal, $16.95

Compartes Chocolate

I just like chocolate and I always share with my kids because I know they like chocolate too. And this is GOOD chocolate.

Compartes Chocolate Bar in The Drive In, $9.95


"I always buy these here, too, because I like to have them as little gifts for the kids - at the barber shop or whoever, wherever. The kids always see my tattoos and wonder about them. I try to normalize tattoos."

Temporary Tattoos, $7.95


"I try to be more earth-conscious and eco-friendly. I'm always looking for a bag to put my kids clothes in or their lunch. And it's just so portable and cute!"

Baggu Reusable Tote in black swan, $9

DIY Folding Knife

"I'm always looking for a screwdriver and what better way to look for a screwdriver than attached to a knife. Seriously. Multi-use!"

Opinel DIY Folding Knife in yellow, $31

Mini Colored Pencil Set

"Could put in my purse or in my stocking or in the car for restaurants that might not have kid friendly toys. Could keep it in my wallet and it would keep me and my kids busy. And it has a sharpener!"

Mini Colored Pencil Case, $12


"I like that it's locally made here in Southeast and it just smells really good. I feel like I always need to clean my kids. Could be decorative or could be functional."

Great Alaska Soap Company, $8

Whale Knife

"I saw that they have these at my son's school! It's just beautiful. It's aesthetically pleasing and the fact that it was designed with kids in mind means I can use it, the kids can use it, and it looks great."

Kujira Whale Knife, $60

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Oct 06, 2018

Would love to order some bar soap is the beer soap all u have? Thank u Dreama.

Drema Couchman

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