Your 2018 Social Justice Hustle Purchases Donated to Sealaska Heritage Institute

We're committed to annually donating 10% of profits from our Social Justice Hustle collection to a social justice cause we believe in. We were honored today to write a $550 check to Sealaska Heritage Institute, a direct result of your support in 2018. Gunalchéesh, thank you! 

We invite you to read our donation letter:


Dear Dr. Worl,

It is my pleasure today to donate $550 to Sealaska Heritage Institute's art programs, representing 10% of sale profits from our store's Social Justice Hustle collection over the last year. We designed this collection to inspire and recognize the hard work it takes to make social change. We're committed to continuously donating 10% of profits to excellent examples of social justice in action, and your art programs are just that.

We are grateful to live on Tlingit Aaní; it is a privilege to be long-term guests on your land. At Kindred Post, we subscribe to the notion of interdependence; we belong to each other, and our oppressions and our liberations are bound to one another. As we collectively reckon with the traumas of our past, especially the forces of colonization that have sought to smother indigenous ways of life, we also celebrate the radical, healing work of today and tomorrows.

We look up to Sealaska Heritage Institute's unwavering latseen in the face of oppression, and its consistent efforts to advance the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian cultures. You create positive change at every level, from baby raven reading roots to the fruit-bearing branches of public policy. Art programs like skin sewing workshops, formline classes, art purchases, and youth academies have empowered Alaska Native artists across generations and have educated and enriched our community. I would bet a jar of salmon that there isn't a person in our town who hasn't been impacted by the work you've done. You make this world, our world, better.

As a small business that promotes arts, community, and social justice, we are inspired by and deeply impacted by your everyday acts of social justice. We would be honored if you would receive this small gift, intended to shine a light on your efforts and lift them up.

Gunalchéesh to the Tlingit, especially the Áak'w Khwáan, for the privilege of co-existing and co-creating new futures on this land, and to the patrons of our store who make this possible.

In the words of Kaatyé David Kadashan (Tʼaḵdeintaan):
Yá Lingit’aaní g̱eix’ woosh jín toolshát yeisú.
In this world, we’re still holding each other’s hands.


Christy NaMee Eriksen, owner
Kindred Post

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