Local Art Gift Guide by Annie B

Meet Annie Bartholomew, artist, art lover, and basically every local artist's biggest fan. Annie scoped out the local goods at KP to give us her favorite picks for holiday gifts. Check em out!

annie b

Meet Annie Bartholomew! 

Q: What do you do by day and what do you do by night?
By day, I'm an arts and culture reporter / radio host at KXLL. By night, i'm a guitarist and secret crafter, or compulsive crafter. It's the best way to procrastinate.

Q: What are you working on currently?
A: Embroidering a children's jean jacket; I just learned the satin stitch at the KP workshop! And trying to learn a new style of guitar playing - piedmont blues.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring artists?
A: There's a lot of disappointment in this industry, but keep going. Don't stop creating. And don't compare yourself to others, because we're all on our journey. And don't be afraid to work for free, because sometimes time is more valuable than money and relationships are more valuable than money - and a lot of times it pays off later. It all helps and we all have to lean on each other if we're gonna make great art.
10 Sitka Herring
"This book was illustrated by David Lang tattoo artist/High Tide owner. You can see the tattoo influence on the subtle formline. (It's secretly not just a children's book--equal enjoyment for young and old!)"

10 Sitka Herring, illustrated by local artist Dave Lang, $10


Beaded sealskin earrings

"These are so gorgeous and delicate - two words you would not normally associate with sealskin. Fur can be intimidating but it's also luxurious! In earring form it can be a subtle luxury."

Beaded seal skin earrings by Autumn Shotridge, $45

Creative Hustle pin

"When you're an artist, you're leaning on everyone else and constantly bartering and trading and giving your time away. KP is one of the places that supports our vibrant community. Collecting pins is gonna be the new Pokemon for adults--gotta get em all!"

Creative Hustle pin by Christy NaMee Eriksen, $11

gunalchéesh thank you cards

"My favorite cards in the world! Collab between Kindred Post and Trickster Company."

Gunalchéesh (Thank You) Card Set by Christy NaMee Eriksen x Trickster Company, $29

Chilkat Bag

"If you really love someone, you get them one of Ricky's bags because they are just perfect and gorgeous and special. When you walk into a party, people will know you're important. :) Perfect for holding cell phone, credit card, secrets and snacks! Ingenious use of indigenous design."

Chilkat bag by Ricky Tagaban, $400


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