Gift Guide for the Modern Man by Rorie

Meet Rorie Watt, a hardworking and handsome hell of a dude. We asked Rorie for his advice on what a modern man might like this holiday season; here's his picks!

Meet Rorie Watt!

Q: What do you by day and what do you do by night?
A: By day I juggle flaming balls and all day long people throw me more flaming balls and I try to choose the ones that I'm gonna continue to juggle and the ones that I'm gonna let just fly by.
By night, I'm trying to perfect my skills at chess by continuously losing to the computer. I'm apparently making no progress.

Q: What is a piece of advice someone gave to you this year?
A: Someone this year told me that when people fight me I fight back harder. It made me feel like they were right. It made me realize that reflexively arguing is not a good trait so now I wonder if sometimes maybe i'm wrong.

Q: What is something you're looking forward to in 2017?
A: A boat i just bought, it's a little rowboat/sailboat. I'm super excited. It's incredibly well engineered and manufactured. I'm most excited about how easy it is to take a part and move and how quickly it goes from being a rowboat to a sailboat and how good it is at both things.

I love this place pin

"Because I really do love this place and I'm an emotional person and it's a way of showing that."

I Love This Place pin, $11

Quin candy gumdrops

"I have a secret fetish for chewy candies, particularly orange (which is one of my favorite flavors). The gummy bear is a point of departure for all good things. These tangerine gumdrops will probably not last the afternoon."

Blackberry + Tangerine Gumdrops, $7.95-$12

colored pencils

"Because we should be coloring more. We should be drawing and making art and doodling more. It calms the mind."

Colored Pencils + Notepad, $14

skinny tie

"Handcrafted ties are cool. Flowers are cool. Ties are cool.
I spent 50 years of my life not wearing ties and now I wear a tie every day and I'm comfortable in them. And now I want to have nice ties. Someone told me today I dress in a way that looks professional and comfortable - and I was wearing a KP tie!"

QP Collection Skinny Tie, $64

lomo instant camera

"Because technology has sped us up and this is the kind of thing that fuses our need to savor moments and have some instant gratification in an old school way."

Lomo Instant Camera with Lenses in Marrakesh, $169

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