Artist of the Week: Carley Thayer

"I love to accentuate what is naturally there."

Presenting our Kindred Artist of the Week series! We are big fans of all the artists we work with and we are so excited to share their stories!

This week’s featured artist is local artist Carley Thayer! Between her origins in the Aleutian Islands, her career in commercial fishing, and her home in Southeast Alaska, Carley has grown up on the ocean. At once glamorous and elegant, her work is a fresh combination of her heritage and the sea. P.s. Otter fur is the softest in the world; we encourage you to come in and feel them!

Who are you?

Carley Thayer currently living in Juneau, Alaska. I am an artist, a fisherman, a wife and a mother! I love every part of my life and am blessed to have a hard working husband so I can create and be a mom full time.

What do you do?

My business Bering Sea Designs is inspired by the Aleutian Islands where my ancestors harvested Sea Otters for many generations. With the use of a tradition material and metals I create modern Sea Otter Fur Jewelry. I love the combination of Fur and Metal!

Who/what inspires you?

With my current designs the variation in the Sea Otter Fur is what inspires me. Often times we only see what is on the outside, but the layers underneath are so beautiful. I love to accentuate what is naturally there.

What’s your favorite moment in the process?

When I come up with a new design I am usually just messing around and after several hours of tinkering out comes a piece. When a new piece is birthed out of my studio and I see what I created with my own two hands; thats the most exciting part.

I also love when people are picking out a piece. I brings me joy to help in this process of finding the perfect one; to encourage them to be bold with their choice. When they put that piece on and their face lights up, you just know its the one. Thats a pretty special moment.

What’s a trick of your trade, or a piece of advice for other artists in your medium?

With fur I feel like there is so much to explore so have fun with it and go for it!

What’s next?

I will be at Juneau Public Market again and hopefully I will be releasing some new designs!


See more of Carley's work here!

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