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      Gift Guide for Sisters and Sister Friends by Melissa

      Gift Guide for Sisters and Sister Friends by Melissa

      Meet Melissa Garcia Johnson: a lovely lady, a woman of great taste, and a tender-hearted BFF. Here's her picks for sisters and sister friends this season!

      Meet Melissa Garcia Johnson!

      Q: What keeps you busy?
      A: Spending time with the people that I love in the places that I love them in.

      Q: What's one wish you have this coming year for yourself and one for your community?
      A: For myself, to keep on growing and caring well for myself.
      For my community, I wish: renewed energy, forward motion, and space for healing.

      Q: What's your current jam?
      A: "We the People" by A Tribe Called Quest

      "This is a staple gift in our friend circle because it makes your house smell amazing and it's super affordable."

      Amber & Moss Soy Candle
      3.5 oz, $12
      7.5 oz, $20

      Baggu Mini Purse

      "I love the creamy peach color, it's a pretty neutral. The size of the bag is minimalist, not over the top, and simple and ready for you to run out the door with. Great for a woman on the run."

      Baggu Mini Purse in Pastel, $120

      Coconut Bath Soak

      "Because we all need a little treat. Baths are the easiest way of treating myself. I have this and it's delicious."

      Coconut Bath Soak
      8 oz, $19
      16 oz, $33

      Kindred Post Pins

      "For your sister/sister friend who is hustling to make the world a kinder, safer, softer place, help her wear the movement on her sleeve (or wherever else she'd like to make a statement)."

      Kindred Post pins, $11-12

      Baleen Stud Earrings

      "Really I love all the Baleen earrings and it was very hard to choose. I love the simplicity of their designs. I don't have enough studs; it's nice to have a clean, go-to pair of earrings."

      Baleen Stick Studs in silver, $29

      Mountain Men of Alaska

      "This calendar is f*cking hilarious. And it's just a fun thing to ogle as you're moving through your day.../YEAR."

      Mountain Men of Alaska 2017 Calendar, $22

      Rad American Women

      "Because it's nice to read through and have daily inspiration for amazing women that you'd like to be like."

      Rad American Women A-Z book, $14.95

      Kindred Post on State x State

      Kindred Post on State x State

      Alaska Gift Guide

      We're thrilled that the fine folks at State x State would ask us to compile a list of Alaskan makers and designers for one of their gift guide collections. It was hard to choose! But we narrowed it down to some favorites. Head on over to their blog to see our picks! 

       Gifts Made in Alaska