Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For The BFFs by Jaydn Musielak

Jaydn Musielak's Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the BFFs

Introducing Kindred Post's Valentine's Day Gift Guides. This "For The BFFs" edition is curated by KP team member Jaydn Musielak. Valentine's Day is a time for us to celebrate love and not just the romantic kind! 

Jaydn finds inspiration in her friendships and she is a highly thoughtful gift giver. She wants to make sure her friends feel her love whether she's near or far and we think she does a great job! We hope her picks inspire you to show your BFFs how you feel about them and what they mean to you. Check out Jaydn's picks below!

Mantas and Seals and Self Care, Oh My!

"Manta pin to keep them company when I can't be there; self care stickers to make sure they know the little things are enough to feel accomplished and what says I love you like cute little baby penguins and seals?" - JM

Notes to Self: Self Care Stickers Sheet, $5.  |  Manta Ray Love Pin, $4.  Seals & Penguins Sticker Sheet, $3.

All The Feels

"Because who doesn't love to feel dewy and clean?" - JM

Calm The Chaos

"This journal goes a lot longer than just one day, and would help remind my friend that sometimes all it takes is a minute to feel like you're in control of your life, and  a nice smooth writing pen can make all the difference."  - JM

Sometimes We Cr-Eye Gels

"Sometimes you just don't get enough sleep and sometimes we cry,
these are for those mornings."  - JM

Health and Gemstones

The gemstone card is a cute and colorful way to let your friend know that they're a precious gem and the  dark chocolate bar because not only is it delicious chocolate but it's good for you!" - JM

Be Mine Gem Card, $4.95.  |  Compartes Superfood Chocolate Bar, $9.95.

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