Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For The Galentines by Megan Cochran

Happy Galentines Day

This final edition of our KP Valentine's Day Gift Guides is curated by me - Megan Cochran! This gift guide is dedicated to all of my Galentines and inspired by a personal desire to lift up and support other female-identifying humans in a world that might want to keep us down some days. There's nothing better than feeling seen, understood, and supported all at once. I hope this guide helps you come up with ways to tell your gals you've got their backs and their hearts too!

Decode Your Dreams

Decoding your dreams and assessing your place in this universe is so important to any emotional wellness journey; and the cleansing energy of a handmade gemstone soap can turn every bath into an opportunity to connect and heal.

Dream Decoder, $16.99.  |  Gemstone Soap, $8.

Beautiful Journaling

There are so many remarkable moments in every day, they deserve to be documented and easily reflected upon. These pocket-sized notebooks and pre-sharpened floral pencils make me feel excited to write and even more excited to reflect in the future.

Radical Reflection

Speaking of reflection... this deck of Holstee Reflection Cards asks all the important questions so you can check in with yourself when life is moving too fast. The enamel pin is a reminder that being kind to yourself can be considered radical, but it's also very necessary. 

Literary Love

This is for my literary gals. There is power in holding a mirror to society by way of poetry, fiction, historical non-fiction... you name it. Our words have power and they connect us to ourselves and to each other across decades and even millennia. Wear it on your lapel, on your skin as a tattoo, or simply a bracelet to which you gave meaning and it can be our little secret. Together, we pass the Bechdel test with flying colors.

Literary Tattoos, $12.95.  |  Cat Books Pin, $4.

Besties Against the Patriarchy

This book reminds us that loving and supporting each other, as female-identifying humans, we can dismantle years of effort to pit us against one another. We smash the patriarchy by celebrating the beauty of friendship, and of strength in love and numbers.

Self Love Rituals

We all look, sound, and experience life differently and that is beautiful. The Rituals book samples different belief systems, cultures and experiences to find the common thread of self care. We have so much to learn from each other and so much love to give. A small floral heart card, empty inside, and ready for a meaningful message from you to your loved one can speak volumes. Happy Galentines Day to us all!

The Rituals Book, $19.95.  |  Floral Heart Card, $5.

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