Nicole's Gift Guide for Magical Mamas

Nicole Church at Kindred Post

Our annual gift guides return! Each one is thoughtfully curated by a neighbor near you. We asked magical mama Nicole Church to pick giftworthy goods from our collection that she or others like her would enjoy. We liked that Nicole has an eye for the unique, the local, and anything that piques the senses. Moms make magic out of the ordinary, so it's no surprise that Nicole chose items that fit into her everyday life! Take a peek at her picks for the amazing mamas in your life.

KP: What do you do by day and what do you do by night?

NC: By day, I a mom of twin boys. I am also training to do childcare with Tlingit and Haida. At night, I hang out with my children a lot. In the winter time we like to do card games, puzzles, and bake cookies for Christmas, festive stuff. Once the kids are in bed, I like to play music and as a hobby I like to research social justice issues, particularly ones that pertain to Alaska Native and Tlingit people. I want to be a history buff of the *real* history, Native history, the people's history. 

KP: Who or what are you feeling most connected to lately?

NC: Myself, first and foremost. I'm working on doing a lot of healing. We all have experienced trauma in our lives, and right now I'm working on healing from that trauma - that's something i’m feeling very connected to. My sobriety and my recovery are things I strongly identify with. Just being a sober person, I can be an example for my children. Show them that life can still be fun without using substances. And obviously I feel connected to my kids. Being present for them, trying to be the best parent I can be. 

KP: What are you most looking forward to in 2020?

NC: I’m so focused on the present, that it’s hard to say. I’m trying to not put a lot of pressure on myself, trying to take things day by day. I get overwhelmed easily, so taking things day by day helps me stay grounded. It's the best way I can focus.

PF Candle Co Candle

"I love this smell! This is my absolute favorite smell of a candle on Earth. It’s a great gift because everyone loves candles and having their home smell delicious." - Nicole

PF Candle Co "Amber & Moss" Candle, $22.

AudioPro Portable Bluetooth Speaker

"Being able to have music in your home with a quality speaker is great. And it’s just my aesthetic - it's amazing, beautiful, adds great color to your home. Music is important to me as an artist, so having nice quality speakers is also important." - Nicole

AudioPro Addon T3 Bluetooth Speaker, $249.

Inside Passage Print by Michaela Goade

"Anything by Michaela. She is a great artist; I love her work. It's super unique to Southeast Alaska, and I also love supporting other local Native women artists." - Nicole

Inside Passage Print by Michaela Goade, $35.

Monstera Leaf Ornament

"For the plant lover, this is adorable. I love indoor plants - it's a hobby of mine - and this is my favorite plant, monstera. What’s great about this is you could attach it to a wrapped gift as an extra gift on top!" - Nicole

Monstera Leaf Ornament, $18.

Compartes Raspberry Rose Chocolate & Lingit Aani Sticker

"The chocolate and the sticker are good, unique stocking stuffers." - Nicole

Compartes Raspberry Rose Chocolate, $9.95.

Lingít Aaní Striped Sunset Sticker, $3.

Bering Sea Earrings

"These are so pretty. And also made by another Native woman artist. I love that they're sea otter fur. Amazing, super unique, gorgeous. I definitely will be getting these some day." - Nicole

Bering Sea Cone Sea Otter Earrings, $40.

Social Justice Kittens 2020 Calendar

"For people who care about social justice! I love this calendar so much; it’s so adorable." - Nicole

Social Justice Kittens 2020 Calendar, $18.

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