MJ Grande's Gift Guide for Readers and Writers and Lovers of Words

MJ Grande at Kindred Post

Our annual gift guides return! Each one is thoughtfully curated by a neighbor near you. We asked Youth Services librarian MJ Grande to choose gifts she or someone like her (a reader, a writer, and a lover of words!) might enjoy. We love how her gift guide is filled with the magic of possibility, and that it both grounds you in a sense of place while taking you somewhere new, like a good book can! Check out MJ's picks for the word lovers in your life. 

KP: What do you by day and what do you do by night?

MG: Read. And read. By day I try and make words welcome and accessible to whoever is in front of me. By night I try to feed myself so that I'm ready to go again the next day.

KP: What or who are you feeling most connected to lately?

MG: This place, the big place. I'm in the process of moving from our home of lots of decades in the shades of the woods into a home in the sun. And learning to love this place in a different way. 

KP: What are you most looking forward to in 2020?

MG: Being done moving! 


Feed The Resistance

"Because this is for you and for us and this is what we do. Feeding lots of people, sharing food; it nourishes. And when you can do it so that everyone can afford to be fed, even better. We might be using these for some of our family nights at the library." - MJ 

Feed The Resistance: Recipes & Ideas for Getting Involved, $14.95.  

You're Beautiful at Reading

"For some of us, this is really what we do best in the world." - MJ

"Beautiful at Reading" Growing Upwords 8x10 Print Giclee, $29.

"We all love this place. Thank you for sharing *all* the families that love this place." - MJ 

How Devils Club Came To Be, $19.95.

Growing Upwords Card Box Set, $20.

"May we dream of our best selves and find them when we open them." - MJ 

Letters to Open On Your Birthday, $14.95.

"You always need another book, so let's make them out of what we love." - MJ

Handmade Books For Everyday Adventures, $26.95.



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