Gift Guide for Sisters and Sister Friends by Melissa

Meet Melissa Garcia Johnson: a lovely lady, a woman of great taste, and a tender-hearted BFF. Here's her picks for sisters and sister friends this season!

Meet Melissa Garcia Johnson!

Q: What keeps you busy?
A: Spending time with the people that I love in the places that I love them in.

Q: What's one wish you have this coming year for yourself and one for your community?
A: For myself, to keep on growing and caring well for myself.
For my community, I wish: renewed energy, forward motion, and space for healing.

Q: What's your current jam?
A: "We the People" by A Tribe Called Quest

"This is a staple gift in our friend circle because it makes your house smell amazing and it's super affordable."

Amber & Moss Soy Candle
3.5 oz, $12
7.5 oz, $20

Baggu Mini Purse

"I love the creamy peach color, it's a pretty neutral. The size of the bag is minimalist, not over the top, and simple and ready for you to run out the door with. Great for a woman on the run."

Baggu Mini Purse in Pastel, $120

Coconut Bath Soak

"Because we all need a little treat. Baths are the easiest way of treating myself. I have this and it's delicious."

Coconut Bath Soak
8 oz, $19
16 oz, $33

Kindred Post Pins

"For your sister/sister friend who is hustling to make the world a kinder, safer, softer place, help her wear the movement on her sleeve (or wherever else she'd like to make a statement)."

Kindred Post pins, $11-12

Baleen Stud Earrings

"Really I love all the Baleen earrings and it was very hard to choose. I love the simplicity of their designs. I don't have enough studs; it's nice to have a clean, go-to pair of earrings."

Baleen Stick Studs in silver, $29

Mountain Men of Alaska

"This calendar is f*cking hilarious. And it's just a fun thing to ogle as you're moving through your day.../YEAR."

Mountain Men of Alaska 2017 Calendar, $22

Rad American Women

"Because it's nice to read through and have daily inspiration for amazing women that you'd like to be like."

Rad American Women A-Z book, $14.95

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