Almost Always There For You

Almost Always There For You

Son: Are you kind of sad? Your voice sounds kind of sad.

Me: Kind of? I'm sort of in a funk tonight. Thanks for asking.

Son: Awww [holds my hand]. Well I am almost always there for you.


This is an original first edition serigraph from Christy NaMee Eriksen's series, GROWING UPWORDS, where she hand letters and screen prints things her son says. 

Original 18x24" prints are hand-pulled on heavyweight French paper cover stock. They are signed, dated, and numbered by the artist. 

This print is also available as an 8x10" archival print giclee.

A very small amount of Artist's Proofs are also available. These are the first hand-pulled prints of the run and are limited to quantities of one to five. They are marked Artist's proofs, and are also signed, dated, and numbered by the artist.