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      What is a Neighborhood Account?
      We offer our neighbors and fellow businesses a free account service that allows you to drop off mail without having to wait in line. Not only does this save you time, but it also keeps health and safety top of mind. Less exposure, more productivity!
      How Can I Open A Neighborhood Account?
      Download and complete this form. Print, sign, and send it back to us via e-mail at hello@kindredpost.com (you can easily snap a photo with your phone). As soon as you get confirmation that we've received it, you're ready to start dropping off packages.

      How Does Drop-off Work?
      Bring your completed packages to the shop & grab the yellow pass indicating you are here to drop off only and will not need any assistance from us during your brief visit. Place your packages on the wooden bench next to our blue checkout counter and leave the yellow pass with us.

      Your mail will be processed as soon as our team is able and your tracking receipts will be available for pickup the next day. If you would like these receipts mailed to you, please include a pre-stamped and addressed envelope with your drop-off.