Kitten Pin

Kitten Pin

Did I make a pin of my cat? Like maybe

Design by Christy NaMee Eriksen. Cloisonné metal pin, 1 3/4" wide.

This pin was inspired by the poem HOW TO TAKE CARE: Things My Kitten Taught Me. It is available as a pin + poem pack here. Full poem text below.


HOW TO TAKE CARE: Things my kitten taught me
by Christy NaMee Eriksen

+ Stretch

+ At any point in your day, unapologetically take a bath

+ If someone pets you wrong, bite them

+ Make it a hobby to climb higher

+ If you need something and it requires help, communicate

+ Find the light irresistible

+ Maintain control of your claws

+ Greet people; it lets them know you missed them

+ Breathe with your whole body

+ It's more fun to follow your instincts

+ Even assassins take naps

+ Find all the warm places that are also soft places and make them your favorite places

+ Be relatively tidy about your sh*t

+ Try not to scratch the people you love

+ Eat breakfast before following commands

+ Exploring might lead to falling

+ Anyway, most falls won't kill you

+ Seriously, sleep

+ Hold others and be held