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      Social Justice Hustle

      We want to raise $ to support the uprising and relief in MN! So: for the next week (June 1-June 7), 100% of profits from our Social Justice Hustle collection will be donated. 

      We donate 10% all year long to a local cause (this year we’re donating to the Juneau NYO team!), but this week we’re donating the other 90% to three smaller MN organizations who are working on the ground and into the bright horizon: Black Table Arts (@blacktablearts), Minnesota Healing Justice Network (@mnhealingjustice), and Hallie Q Brown Community Center (@halliqbrownctr). They are feeding folks and rebuilding the city. They are BIPOC healers engaged in ongoing trauma response and long term healing justice efforts. They organize Black artists, build Black community power, and hold space for Black joy.

      We made the first Social Justice Hustle shirts in honor of this exact type of labor, the stuff you don’t see on tv or in the news; the everyday, ongoing, necessary toil of building our new world. It happens everywhere and if it’s your jam, we invite you to get yourself (or your friend or your baby or your nephew) a shirt in exchange for helping us support the work in MN, too.