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      Artists of Color

      Celebrating and supporting artists of color has been an important part of our work since our very humble beginnings. You can read more about our curatorial decision to find and prioritize artists of color in our blog post here.

      This collection allows you to see work by our artists of color. We are sharing it now, in a robust but still incomplete version. Please know that there are some artists on our website who identify as an artist of color but may not have been surveyed and filtered into this collection yet (and if this is you, you should e-mail us because that will help us with this project!). Please use this collection as a point of departure and not a definitive guide. 

      Thank you for joining us in lifting up artists of color and their work. And thank you, artists, for offering a piece of yourselves to the world in this way. May we take good care of our stories and each other.