Donate to Support Our Work During COVID19

Donate to Support Our Work During COVID19

Dear friend,

Thank you for stopping by, and for your interest in supporting our year-round work at Kindred Post.

We know that the very best thing for our community right now is for us to be closed to the public and for the public to stay home. It’s health solidarity and we’re here for it.

We’re a small business, so we know there are some waves to ride. We’ve squirreled away resources over the years to help us get through tough times, but we are looking at unprecedented, extraordinary losses as a result of covid-19. We’re doing the best we can... but if we're being honest, we’re going to need help

If you have capacity and would like to donate, know that your donation goes directly to keeping our team employed and paying our monthly bills. And know that it means more than money to us; in an isolating time it reminds us that we really are in this together. Thanks for being our people.

Brimming with appreciation,

Team KP


Note that your donation is not tax-deductible