Beard Tonic Sampler

Beard Tonic Sampler

These highly nourishing oil based Beard Tonics combine natural plant oils that promote a healthier looking beard while moisturizing the skin beneath. These include light, natural scents, that men (and women up close) can enjoy. 

Created with high quality plant based carrier and essential oils such as Golden Jojoba and Argan Oil. Vegan. Handcrafted. 

Also, works wonders for mustaches. 


+ 1 Vetiver + Sage Beard Tonic. Scent is warm, woodsy and herbal. .14 oz.

+ 1 Cedar + Bergamot Beard Tonic. Scent is a classic cedarwood scent with hints of citrus. .14 oz

+ 1 Palo Santo Beard Tonic. Scent is a strong woodsy scent with hints of mint. .14 oz

+ 1 Tin with complete ingredients and instructions for use.


Photo by Herbivore Botanicals.